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Shipping Locations

In 2020 we added international shipping options. Below is the current list of countries where shipping is available from the HashiCorp Store. We will look to add more locations as we are able.

Americas APAC EMEA EMEA cont.
Argentina Australia Austria Liechtenstein
Brazil Hong Kong Belgium Netherlands
Canada Indonesia Bulgaria Norway
Chile Japan Denmark South Africa
Colombia New Zealand Finland Spain
Guatemala Phillippines France Sweden
Mexico Singapore Germany Switzerland
Peru Vietnam Gibraltar Turkey
United States
Taiwan (new!)
Guernsey United Arab Emirates
Cayman Islands (new!)
Thailand (new!)
Ireland United Kingdom
Bahrain (new!)
Malta (new!)
Croatia (new!)
Monaco (new!)
Czechia (new!)
North Macedonia (new!)
Estonia (new!)
Poland (new!)
Greece (new!)
Portugal (new!)
Italy (new!)
Qatar (new!)
Latvia (new!)
Romania (new!)
Lithuania (new!)
Slovakia (new!)
Luxembourg (new!)
Slovenia (new!)